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M&E Framework

Impact Assessment is the “cherry on top” as we believe good evaluation practice substantially increases impact.

We will conduct a Baseline Analysis to develop a Theory of Change and its supporting M&E Framework for your project, as well as manage the data collection and analysis thereof.

Academic Research Support

The data analysis section of a dissertation or journal paper can be a daunting task! 

Our consultants will investigate appropriate research methodology with you and assist you with collecting and analysing data, as well as interpreting your results.

We are your Candle in the dark

Data management

You can rest assured your data is working for you.

Maintaining clean, verified and relationally sound databases is the foundation of our services, drawing valuable insights from them is what makes us competitive.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Development and implementation of
client-centric evaluation strategies for realisation of impact

Research & Data Analysis

Vast experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis methods

Project Analytics

Delivering useful insights to you and your team

Action Research

Survey design, research, learning and data quality assurance services

Our solutions

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We leverage our data expertise and innate understanding of the Africa context with our value-driven strategic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods.

about us

We pride ourselves on our ability to mine your data for useful insights and develop custom solutions that give you an edge in the industry.

Case Studies

Avocado Vision

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

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CS Innovations

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop