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Clarity • Vision • Impact

Turning Data into Information & Information into Insight

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL)

It's about you

 We leverage data management and analysis solutions to help you measure progress on your projects and assess your impact. What do you want your data to do for you?



Partnering with you to collect the evidence you need to secure investment and funding, and scale your impact


Building your capacity to address your own gaps, evaluate your progress, and create the impact you want to see.

Data Management

Maintaining clean, verified and relationally sound databases, rest assured your data is working for you.

What We Do

"It's more than just M&E, It's a culture!"

We help Impact-driven organisations develop a responsive Monitoring and Evaluation culture essential for determining the efficiency of projects and impact on the ground. We get everyone in and out of the office committed & involved: engagement with beneficiaries in the field, collating data and capturing success stories. The goal is not just to improve the bottom line using fewer resources and less time but to shift mindsets towards continuous generation and accumulated knowledge for overall improvement and success.


Data Management & Flow workshop

Client: Avocado Vision

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Monitoring & Evaluation workshop

Client: CS Innovations


Our Cause

Plan. Act. Review. Adapt. Repeat.

Africa is a vital region with some of the fastest-growing economies globally. The continent also has a burgeoning sector driven purely by social impact – in South Africa alone; there are more than 100,000 registered non-profit organisations. While NPOs do a lot of good on the continent, there is a growing debate that they are receiving increasing amounts of donor aid but aren’t the most suitable actors for improving people’s lives and creating real impact. 

Over half of all chartered nonprofits are destined to fail or stall within a few years, either due to leadership issues or something as simple as a lack of strategic planning.

Have you lost sight of your overall purpose and found yourself stuck in micro-managing processes that don’t yield tangible results? Do you and your team have little or no connection with your beneficiaries, and as a result, are you implementing interventions that are ill-suited to their needs?

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We will help you create a culture and environment of trust so that people can get on with it and work. Watch your team adapt to change more easily with an ongoing improvement mindset, shared ownership for projects and a united drive towards your main goals!
Mutsa chinyamakobvu
Founder, M&E Data Specialist

Monitoring & Evaluation

Development and implementation of
client-centric evaluation strategies for realisation of impact

Research & Data Analysis

Vast experience in both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods

Project Analytics

Investigating and identifying bottlenecks to deliver useful insights to you and your team

Capacity Building

Growing your team's effectiveness through clarity or purpose and increased capacity to handle complexities and unintended outcomes.

Our solutions

services & Solutions

We leverage our data expertise and innate understanding of the Africa context with our value-driven strategic monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) methods.


Build together. Grow together.

From over 12 years of experience, we have come to believe in participatory learning and collaboration, where learning from one another is encouraged and appreciated. The aim is to collaboratively develop a long-term strategy that improves the flow, collection and interpretation of data, and ultimately catalyse progress toward key performance targets.

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about us

We pride ourselves on our ability to mine your data for useful insights and develop custom solutions that give you an edge in the industry.

Case Studies

Avocado Vision

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

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CS Innovations

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop